Bio Briket BBQ Chacoal ?

  • No Tree Is Cut In Production.
  • Made of 100% Natural Herbal Products.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • It Has A Very Long Burning Time.
  • Does not smoke and smoke when burning.
  • It is high in calories.
  • Does not contain carcinogenic substances.
  • Does not cause flames.
  • Much More Efficient Than Oak and Other Woody Coals
briket mangal komuru

How To Produce ?

It is obtained by compressing various natural biological shells (such as pistachio, hazelnut, walnut) with 30 tons of pressure by crushing, grinding and carbonizing. No chemicals are used during production. A compressed product is obtained by passing through various perforated and non-perforated molds. It has 5-6 hours of burning time, 4-5 hours of efficient cooking time. It has a very long burning time and high calorie compared to other wood coal. Therefore, it contributes to your pocket. Because it is made from biological products, it does not produce soot, It does not touch the flame. It is a completely healthy cooking method.


We Love Green !

Our world is struggling every day with the effect of global warming. With the effect of this warming, the glaciers in the poles are melting and our climates are becoming unstable. This makes the world uninhabitable. In Turkey charcoal produced from wood are consumed each year more than 250,000 tons. For 1 kg of charcoal, 4-5 kg ​​of wood should be burned and carbonized. The environment is being slaughtered to make charcoal. The gases released during the burning of green trees pollute the air, increasing the global carbon emission. By using natural charcoal produced from plant wastes instead of using charcoal, we can prevent both the slaughter of forest areas and the pollution of harmful gases to our country and the world.

As we set out on this road, we approached with environmental awareness. We produced Bio Briquette Charcoal as a result of R&D studies with Bio-Energy and Bio-Masses. We respect the world, support us.

Factory & Production

In our 3000 m2 production facility in Istanbul Büyükçekmece Güzelce region, we compress the raw materials of products that we produce or import into briquette coal and hookah coal. We dehumidify the coals we produce under modern conditions in our special fully automatic drying room and turn them into a world-class product. In this way, we enable coal to burn faster and more efficiently.

Then, we pack the dehumidified coals in cardboard boxes and make them durable with a tape machine. In this way, we ensure that the parcel is minimally damaged during transportation.

We offer our current products to restaurants, markets, exporters and wholesalers. We provide product production in your own brand upon request.

We meet domestic and foreign demands with our annual production capacity of 1200 tons.

Yeli Tarım ve Gıda Urunleri Ltd Sti.













Bio Briquette Charcoal and Hookah Charcoal In your wholesale orders, our products are sent to your address by contracted logistics – shipping companies. Our transportation vehicles are covered with awning or covered, are not affected by external weather conditions. It maintains its high quality for a long time.

Our packaging; Cardboard Box consists of the best quality printed boxes of 5 and 10 kg with Double Corrugation. It is not deformed during transportation, our products protect their appearance while reaching you. For retail sales, we have 1.5 kg bag packages.

Transportation in Istanbul is done to your door with our own vehicles.

In order to provide you with the best service, when your order is on its way, it sends you the phone number of the shipping company and the driver, the license plate of the vehicle to your mobile phone via SMS. This way you won’t encounter any unexpected problems.



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